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Wood Effect Tiles

Penuh semua kategori product of Wood Effect Tiles, kami adalah pengeluar khusus dari China, Wood Effect Tiles, Wood Effect Tiles Bathroom pembekal / kilang, borong berkualiti tinggi produk baru yang Wood Effect Tiles Kitchen R & D dan pembuatan, kita mempunyai perkhidmatan selepas jualan dan sokongan teknikal. Mengalu-alukan kerjasama anda!

China Wood Effect Tiles Pembekal

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood effect tiles include?
First, wood tiles advantages:
In addition to high-fidelity wood floor tiles, the material difference makes it cheaper than the cost of solid wood. Tiles almost no water, back to the south do not worry mildew, moth-eaten. Water-repellent surface treatment, easy to clean, if dust contamination, can be wiped directly with water. Do not need "long-term care" like wood.
Second, rustic wood effect tiles disadvantage:
Compared to the real wood flooring, wood pattern tiles too regular, a bit dull. Tiles with a long time, there will be black seam, floor tiles and floor tiles because of dirt and getting darker, affecting the appearance. Floor tiles have a broken need to be replaced, while the wooden floor can be replaced.
What are the characteristics of wood tiles include?
First, the wood floor tiles is the surface of natural wood texture patterns decorative ceramic tiles, divided into two kinds of glazed tiles and split brick. The former is through the screen printing process or paste ceramic paper flowers to make the product surface grainy pattern, while the latter is the use of two or more different colors were burned in the billet with a vacuum screw extruder spiral mixing After the cut through the mouth of the formation of the wood-like texture of its usual block of products split brick.
Second, with the improvement of technology, wood floor tiles products have been very mature, according to the surface gloss, in addition to the traditional matt wood floor tiles, but also can be divided into bright wood grain floor tiles (full cast glaze wood tiles) Soft wood floor tiles.
Third, wood floor tiles Features:
1. Wood grain realistic texture, feels a sense of foot, feel real, just like the real wood. The original "wood grain tile" products meet the sensory requirements of wood. The wood grain brick is pressed by the advanced Italian Xidi press while making the brick, and the glaze is made of Spanish "TAO LI XI" glaze.
2. "All wood grain tiles" all-ceramic glaze, Mohs hardness up to seven, five to six than the polished tiles higher hardness, long wear, no fade, no color, glaze is not polluting, easy Clean, care. The surface presents wood grain decorative patterns of high-grade ceramic split brick new products, realistic lines, natural and simple, no fade wood flooring, wear shortcomings.